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EU-Programm für allgemeine und berufliche Bildung, Jugend und Sport

Ein Praktikum im Ausland mit Erasmus+ eröffnet eine wertvolle Erfahrung zur Verbesserung der Sprachkenntnisse und zum Eintauchen in die Kultur und Arbeitswelt eines anderen Landes.

Der Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenzen fördert die Entwicklung der eigenen Persönlichkeit und erhöht die Chancen auf dem regionalen, nationalen und internationalen Arbeitsmarkt.

Voraussetzung für die Teilnahme am Erasmus+ Programm (wahlweise vier oder sechs Monate) ist zum Beispiel die zweijährige vollschulische Ausbildung zum Fremdsprachenassistenten/zur Fremdsprachenassistentin an der Elisabeth-Selbert-Schule Lampertheim (ESS), die den direkten Einstieg in das Berufsleben ermöglicht.

Mit dieser abgeschlossenen Berufsausbildung oder auch der zum/zur Industriekaufmann/-frau kann man sich für das Erasmus+ Programm bewerben (großzügige finanzielle Unterstützung durch EU-Mittel) und so ein Praktikum in Toulouse (Frankreich), San Sebastian (Spanien), Dublin (Irland) oder Cork (Irland) absolvieren.

Ansprechperson an der ESS: Stetanie Richter

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.erasmusplus-fls-eu.de


My Erasmus Work Experience at OSI

February 1, 2018 - Office Supplies Ireland

Hi, My name is Stephanie and I come from Germany. I arrived in Dublin about six months ago. As I finished my apprenticeship I did not know what to do afterwards. Should I apply for jobs? Should I go studying? – There were so many possibilities! Then I was told about the “Erasmus program”, which was about working and living abroad to gain new experiences and especially for improving language skills. It took me many hours to think about taking part in the program, but my family and friends encouraged me to apply.

A week before I left, everything was organized and I started with packing my luggage. I had many expectations in terms of living and working abroad, different expectations about the island. The most important for me was to have a great time abroad and collect great memories. I really wanted to improve my language skills, to gain new experiences regarding major differences between Germany and Ireland – differences in the way they live and how workflows are regulated. Furthermore, I wanted to travel around the island as much as I could and getting to meet a lot of new people!

I started my work experience at “Office Supplies Ireland” after two weeks of school. The company has two shops in Dublin (Deansgrange and Ballymount). They have a huge range of products; from Bic pens and Xerox paper to Brother printers and office furniture. They deliver inks, toners, paper and almost anything else you could need for your office. Everyone, from big business to small enterprises and individuals can benefit from competitive prices, reliable delivery service and excellent customer care.

From the first day they welcomed me warmly and I felt like a member of the team immediately! I got to meet many people; work colleagues, other students and customers. I was really happy about my tasks and it was really interesting for me, assisting with marketing activities as I had no prior knowledge. I was responsible for the content on the website. I created website banners and uploaded them to the website. Furthermore, I created and sent out marketing promotional mails, wrote blogposts for the Office Supplies blog and hyperlinked products to the website to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I posted on the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), created campaigns and competitions. Apart from the marketing activities I helped checking suppliers’ deliveries in the morning and putting products in the shop. I prepared customers’ orders and sometimes I helped with the deliveries. I realized, that working in Ireland will be different to working in Germany. The work was more relaxed than in Germany!

Outside work I travelled a lot! Myself and a friend, we saw a lot of the island! We worked from Monday until Friday, travelled on Saturday and Sunday and went out in the evenings! We had a great time! We joined different day trips to Glendalough, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway and Belfast. We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, many museums and many castles, for example Blarney Castle, where we kissed the Blarney Stone. We always got to meet new people from all around the world. It was absolutely amazing! Indeed, I can say, not everything, people told me in advance, was true. The people in Ireland are really friendly and helpful and after half a year I can say the weather is much better then everybody expects. It stayed quite nice (only January is an exception and it was raining a lot!), but we were able to travel a lot and we enjoyed our weekends. In summer we went swimming sometimes! It was lovely and quite warm, only the sea was really cold but that did not bother us too much. It was great!

There are so many things, I learned in Ireland! I have learned a lot about marketing activities and how important marketing is (even more for smaller companies). I got to know different marketing tools. I improved my spoken English by listening and talking to other people. I improved my written English by writing reports, blogposts and posting on social media. I developed my listening skills by listening to people with different accents. Furthermore, I developed my skills in terms of time management, determining an order and priority of the activities I was doing. I was able to organize my own work and worked on my own initiative, developing new ideas. I worked together and communicated with people of other nationalities and gained some intercultural skills (adapting to a culture different of my own, getting used being independent by living abroad).

I would recommend this experience to everyone, who is interested in other cultures, who like to gain new experiences and meet new people. You will learn to be more independent, and working abroad is a great opportunity for your further working life. Furthermore, living abroad is the easiest way of developing yourself and your languages skills!

by Stephanie, February 1, 2018








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